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Out of budgeting hell and ready to start my Kickstarter campaign!


It took a little longer than I’d expected, but I followed all of the steps proposed in my last blog entry, and I’ve come up with so much more than the solid budget I was hoping for! I now also have a truly knowledgeable, creative and dedicated team behind me and a carefully planned Kickstarter campaign ready to launch.

Networking does make all the difference, and I was absolutely right in my assumption that members of the independent filmmaking community are quick to share their experiences, wisdom and suggestions. By networking with fellow writers, filmmakers, editors, art directors, musicians and composers, not only have I worked my way out of budgeting hell, but I’ve also gained an even better understanding of the entire filmmaking process.

And like I said, I’ve also put together a team that shares my vision and dedication.

The greatest thing that has resulted from my research and networking has been my introduction to Randy Rossilli. Randy is an Emmy-winning producer and director who also happens to be the owner of a relatively new production studio virtually right down the road from me. Nightstand Studios in Fairfield, NJ, is equipped with just about everything needed to make a feature film…three sound stages, state-of-the-art editing facilities, a scoring stage and recording studio, animation capabilities and so much more.

Randy also runs Nightstand Music Group, which gives him access to a wealth of music and musicians.

Fortunately, Randy and I have formed a mutual appreciation of each other’s talents and visions, and we have teamed up to get this film made. I am confident that my association with his dedicated team will assure that my first feature will have the artistic and production quality of a film costing much more.

I’ve also spent the past few months learning all I can about the intricacies of a Kickstarter campaign (a topic, no doubt, for a future blog entry) and trying to build a network to support what we need to raise.

The campaign is just about ready to be submitted to Kickstarter for their approval, and if all goes well, it will launch in just a few days. I will post the campaign’s link on this blog as soon as we launch it, and I hope you look at it, consider supporting it, and, most importantly, recommend it to as many of your contacts as possible.

Special thanks to everyone who has given me input during this process!