Another Top Ten Reasons to Support Bob’s Kickstarter Campaign

A few weeks back, I posted a humorous “Top Ten Reasons” list on my Kickstarter site for supporting my movie “Gymful Remembrances.” It received great positive response and sparked some truly generous pledges (thank you very much for that).

Now, as we come to the final three days of the campaign, I’d like to change the tone a bit with a different kind of Top Ten list. I hope you find it compelling and that you consider becoming a part of my project.  

Corporate pledges are also welcome. Businesses who contribute will have their logos displayed in the closing credits; product placement is also available for pledges (contact me to discuss pledge levels for each). Please pass the information along to anyone who might feel as you do that this project is important.


10. My movie may not change the world, but it will speak volumes to audiences who face seemingly insurmountable odds and decidedly unfair obstacles in their daily lives and relationships.

9. By supporting my movie, you become a part of the creative process…not just as part of my film, but as part of the global creative process, and you receive credit for your support.

8. Don’t underestimate the warm feeling you get when you support someone’s dream…a feeling that gets even more intense when you see the results with your name attached to it!

7. You’ll definitely have a positive impact on so many other lives: audiences who relate to the story, actors who just might find that this is their big break, cinematographers who need this to get to the next step in their careers, and, of course, a 64-year-old screenwriter who feels he just may die if he doesn’t make this film! (My apologies to Kevin Smith…see my blog entry of May 7, 2014).

6. Your support will spark creativity and innovation among other filmmakers who, by seeing this movie made, will have the courage to follow their own dreams (take it from me, I never would have attempted this project had I not been encouraged by the creativity and tenacity of those before me).

5. By supporting my project, you will be supporting the arts, which is vital because art helps us unite lifestyles and promote understanding, and my script certainly attempts to do both.

4. By supporting my project, you will take an active role in soothing the human condition. That may seem like a rather lofty statement, but it’s true.  To quote a recent article on, “When times are tough, art is salve for the ache.” After all, just think of how many times you’ve gone to the movies just to escape!

3. For those who may be skeptical of Kickstarter: While crowdfunding may be new to most people, it’s actually a rather ancient concept.  According to an article in “The Atlantic,” Alexander Pope, Mozart and the builders of the Statue of Liberty all used crowdfunding to support their artistic projects!

2. There are currently around 500,000 spec scripts currently floating around Tinseltown. Of those, only 50 or fewer will get made by Hollywood. The only way my story will be told is if I tell it myself.

1. There is absolutely no way this film will ever be made without your help!

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