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Plan B is officially under way! Searching for crew on Mandy.com


It’s been a little over a month since I revealed “Plan B,” my proposal to make a no-budget, short film to further bolster my credentials (http://indiefilmmakercommune.com/?p=115).

The script has been polished, thanks in large part to suggestions made by my very capable readers. And now I am ready to start putting together a crew who would be willing to work with me on an unpaid basis for three consecutive weekends.

Why, you ask, would anyone be willing to work on a film for no pay? As pointed out by Mandy.com, the premier database of film and TV technicians and facilities on the web, aspiring filmmakers such as myself are often willing to lend their efforts in order to strengthen their credits for future work.

Because of Mandy.com’s recognized dedication and success in helping to get projects made, and because they typically record five million impressions per month, I have opted to begin my search for a crew through a posting on their web site.

The Mandy project description (which should be posted by May 4, 2015) reads as follows:

Award-winning screenwriter wants to produce a 20-minute, no-budget short drama for festival submissions. One single location (an office) with multiple quick flashbacks to be shot guerrilla-style at easily accessible locations. Estimate entire shoot to be 2-3 weekends this summer in or around Parsippany, NJ. Looking for a small crew for all functions (DP and sound crew should have own equipment or have access to such). College film students on break would be perfect, ideally a crew that has worked together. I will edit but am open to editing assistance. My plan is to direct, but I am also open to relinquishing those duties as well to the proper person. Also seeking primary acting talent…female patient (40-ish), Chinese; male (40) to play a psychiatrist who is not shown onscreen during his interaction with the female patient. Other non-speaking actors needed for quick flashback sequences. All positions unpaid with screen credits.

So please pass this information along to anyone you know who might be interested in helping me make this short film!

It may be unpaid, but I will definitely do my best to feed everyone very well!