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Los Angeles film and TV actress Ana Harrison signs on for leading role in “Gymful Remembrances”

Ana Harrison is heading to New Jersey.

Ana HarrisonNo, she’s not abandoning Hollywood for the Garden State (although she just might consider relocating once she sees all that Jersey has to offer), but she is coming to north Jersey to star in a movie for Bob Messinger’s new film company, Where’s the Lake Productions.

She has agreed to take the female lead in Messinger’s film “Gymful Remembrances,” currently in pre-production.

Ms. Harrison has had co-starring and principal roles in television programs such as Warner Brothers’ “Felicity,” NBC’s “Love’s Deadly Triangle,” USA’s “Face in the Mirror” and Jerry Peterson’s “Gamers” among others.

Her feature film career includes principal and leading roles in classic independent movies including “Wassup Rockers,” Sundance favorite “EMR,” 2008′s “Reflections,” “My Roommate Larry,” and the soon-to-be-released comedy/horror feature “Get Dead.”

Ms. Harrison holds a BA in Theater Arts from Texas Tech University and has studied dance with Diana Moore. She has also studied under Second City, Toni Cobb, Larry Moss Studios and others.

“Ana is perfect for this role,” says Messinger, and with good reason.

“I actually wrote the role with her in mind, but I never dreamed in a million years that she would come to New Jersey to take it…not with her busy schedule,” he explains.

Messinger and Ms. Harrison met at a trade show in San Francisco in 2003. The company he was working for at the time hired the actress to work with them at the show.

“I was taken aback by her talent, honesty, dedication to her work and zest for life,” says Messinger.

“At that time, I had written several screenplays,” continues Messinger, “but I’d stopped because I’d become discouraged at the impossibility of getting anything read. But Ana’s dedication to her art was contagious, and she convinced me to get back in the game. And I did…the moment I got back to Jersey.”

The two talked a few times again after San Francisco, they’ve exchanged holiday greetings, and they’ve maintained contact via social media. But Messinger never forgot why he’d started writing again, and he never forgot that she had said to him, “One day you’ll write a leading role for me.”

“We’re coming full circle,” says the actress. And both say they couldn’t be more excited.
“Gymful Remembrances” will be a co-production between Messinger’s new production company and Nightstand Studios in Fairfield, NJ. Emmy winner Randy Rossilli is attached to direct.

The production is being funded on Kickstarter at http://kck.st/1hhCvJ0. The funding campaign ends on May 31 at 1:00 PM.